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                                A core business of TIHMC is to foster and accelerate the growth of technology start-up companies to become sustainable businesses contributing to the Gauteng economy. TIH’s enterprise development initiatives focus on reducing the distance and time to market to ensure establishment of sustainable and high growth start-ups that support the competitiveness of and modernisation of the Gauteng economy and creation of decent jobs. Based on the solid foundation established to date, TIHMC proactively supports entrepreneurs with innovations that address the social and environmental challenges faced by Gauteng as well as those that enhance competitiveness of local industries. Working collaboratively with industry, government, civil society, academic and research institutions, emphasis is placed on identifying and supporting relevant and near-market R&D and innovation projects targeted at local economic and social challenges and service delivery in line with government priorities. TIHMC provides enabling support platforms for enterprise development through instruments such as Maxum (including Maxum Smart, Maxum Digital, Maxum Media Accelerator), Climate Innovation Centre (CIC), BioPark, eKasiLabs and Mlab.

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