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                                CoachLab® is a youth skills development programme managed by The Innovation Hub in collaboration with prominent industry partners, government and academia. The programme is committed to the development of a diverse skills base in the ICT, Engineering, Green and Media sectors. The aim is to instil business principles and the value of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking amongst the participating youth through mentorship by programme partners.

                                CoachLab® focuses on bridging the gap between academia and the demands of industry. The programme includes personal, leadership and professional development. The participants of the programme are introduced to project-based learning where the focus is on exposure and the application of project management principles in a real-time project environment. In addition to this, all participants have access to personal coaching that focuses on grooming for optimum performance and value delivery. The industry partners allocate mentors who offer technical support and provide insight on projects that the participants would embark on.


                                The CoachLab Methodology is anchored in a reinforcing the learning loop that is designed to build on personal development in relation to the individual’s key strengths, personality traits and ambition.




                                Participants start off with Action Learning, which is aligned to business requirements and successful integration into the workforce. Learning is designed in relation to industry standards and there is a focus on problem resolution as supplied by the company or sourced from industry forums. 

                                Next they are introduced to Project-based Learning, where the focus is on exposure and the application of project management principles in a real time project environment. This process also immerses the learner deeper into the company operational structures and facilitates learning through the interaction in a team environment. 
                                The Institutional Learning is designed to create alignment with company specific human capital and talent management plans. It focuses on cultural orientation and tries to facilitate an easy workplace integration process that will allow the participant to make a positive contribution and become efficient in the shortest possible time. After participants are absorbed into the workplace and part of a functional team a mentor is assigned to assist the employee with the transition from learner to worker. 
                                Formal Learning consists of two parts – the continuation of the participant’s studies and monthly, six–eight-hour contact sessions in a classroom environment where various business-related topics are facilitated.
                                The aim of the Mentoring is to offer support for non-technical issues which are not always covered in the curriculum, but may have a significant impact on the learner’s work experience. The learning loop is complete with the assignment of a business coach to focus on development and growth. 
                                Coaching focuses on grooming for optimum performance and value delivery with clearly defined development objectives which will require another round around the loop.  The coaching programme covers personal, business and leadership coaching and is designed to address specific levels of work understanding and delivery. 
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