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                                Schools Programme FabLab

                                The programme is aimed at promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at school level and creates a platform for identification and nurturing young entrepreneurs at an early age. The main objective of the programme is to collaborate with the youth through schools and youth platforms in the community to facilitate access to training in technology and innovation to help the younger generation to better understand the world of business and entrepreneurship.

                                Service Offerings

                                The programme offers youth from previously disadvantaged schools training in Computer Literacy, Entrepreneurship, FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) Advanced Manufacturing, and Vacation work in collaboration with Geekulcha; a skills redistribution program to equip learners with skills and exposure to ICT world which takes place during school holidays and focuses on mobile application development, graphic design, electronics and robotics. 

                                Target Market

                                The programme is designed for high school learners, particularly grade 8 to grade 11 learners from Gauteng schools and the selection criterion is based on:

                                • Interest in entrepreneurship and science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM)
                                • academic excellence &
                                • leadership quality. 
                                How to apply


                                012 844 0000,

                                Partners and Sponsors


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